Sylvan Rose - A Brief Biography

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Sylvan Rose

Author, Sylvan Rose, by James Paul

About the Author

Sylvan Rose was born in Leeds, England, in 1969. A keen reader since childhood, she began writing poetry from the age of six, and stories and plays a few years later.

Her love of literature has continued throughout a wide variety of activities and work. She edited a local weekly magazine, taught English to students in Russia, delivered humanitarian aid to the Children of Chernobyl, and gained a degree in Russian.

Later she entered the world of politics, assisting councillors in a West Yorkshire Borough. An interest in magic led her to join a local magical association, and after training in 2004, she worked as a hypnotherapist for several years.

In recent years, work and family commitments took up much of her time, but 'once a writer, always a writer'. Using every spare moment to work on her ideas, her first novel Spellbound kept on growing. After relocating to Scarborough in North Yorkshire, she was fortunate to attend a writing course led by G. P. Taylor - author of Shadowmancer and the Mariah Mundi Trilogy. Shortly after completing this course, she completed Part One of her Spellbound Trilogy.

Sylvan has performed nothing short of magic herself, during her years as a hypnotherapist. She says, 'We can all perform magic, it's just that we tend to explain the miraculous as coincidental. I had a client who, after failed IVF treatment and 8 years of trying to conceive, fell pregnant within 4 weeks of her first appointment with me. She went on to have a second child, while another client also succeeded after being told that her chances of natural conception were unlikely.

'I believe in the power of the mind, and life itself is a magical journey. If you truly believe in something, then it becomes true for you. It's up to each of us to choose what we want to believe.'

In April 2009, sadly Sylvan Rose lost her beloved fiance, Bob Turner, to cancer. 'When something like this happens it is only natural to wonder "Why me?" but I am convinced that everything happens for a reason. That reason may be elusive, but keeping an open mind can provide the answer. I now accept that my role in Bob's life was to give him joy and unconditional love during his hour of need. In return he gave me the best few months of my life. He cast the greatest spell of all.'