The Spellbound Trilogy by Sylvan Rose

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Thank you for dropping by. If you wish to find out more about The Spellbound Trilogy, then read on. Part 1 will be available to buy in spring 2013, with a free to download prequel - Sorcery & Secrets - expected soon. Details will be posted here, so remember to bookmark this page.

The Politics of Doom is the first novel in The Spellbound Trilogy by Yorkshire-born writer Sylvan Rose. At present she is working on the second, and hopes to complete the series by early 2015. Beyond this she also has plans for further works in the fantasy/sci-fi and horror genres.

If you enjoy adventure, romance and intrigue with a magical twist, then you're in for a treat. Spellbound weaves together several threads to create a rich tapestry of extraordinary vision, which examines human nature and exposes the follies of Mankind.

Embarking on a journey that leads you through the ordeals of a single, working mother to the unscrupulous games of Fleet Street, from Whitehall's corridors of power to a parallel and magical world, this is a tale encompassing challenge and adversity.

With limited offensive language, Spellbound appeals to people of all ages. Young or old, male or female, this book is sure to stimulate your imagination and reveals an aspect of politics that may not be quite so fictional as some would have us believe.

Enjoy the read...

Part 1

Part One: The Politics of Doom

What if high-ranking politicians could wield unearthly magical powers? How might the press react? When political journalist and single mum, Helen befriends the mysterious Aquilus their two worlds collide, revealing Westminster’s darkest secret.
Power-crazed Archemorus has his eyes on a prize of catastrophic proportions – spellbinding a nation into subjugation and seizing power beyond the realms of Mankind. As a British cabinet minister, it seems he is poised to grasp this chance and he is determined to let no-one get in his way.
For twenty-five years Aquilus has been locked in a bitter battle with this evil magician, while others have paid the ultimate price for dissent. If Aquilus is ever to return to his magical homeland, Kalucea, he knows he must first defeat his arch-enemy.
But Helen has a personal score to settle and is rapidly drawn into a world of sorcery and secrets, politics and power, triumph and death.

‘An amazing book… Spellbound is a real page turner. I love it.’ – G. P. Taylor, New York Times Nº 1 bestselling author of Shadowmancer and the Mariah Mundi Trilogy.

You can order Spellbound, Part 1: The Politics of Doom from your local bookshop or online. See Feed-A-Read or other online retailers.

Part Two: Return to Kalucea

The second book in this trilogy follows the plight of Helen, who now finds herself facing even greater odds. Archemorus, now aware of her proficiency in magic, is meticulous in his actions and she finds herself struggling to accept that she may never see her daughter, or indeed Aquilus, again. Her only ally is Lewis, whose Kalucean father fell victim to Archemorus in a staged 'accident'. Together they must find a way of returning to Kalucea, and it seems the only way of achieving this is to destroy their sworn enemy, but they both know this is impossible following Helen's sacrifice to spare Aquilus. And yet Archemorus commands unrivalled power, placing Helen in a ghastly position. She knows what she must do to save her daughter, but the consequences for Mankind are both binding and brutal.

Part Three: Gateway to Freedom

The last book in this trilogy focuses on the timeless battle between Good and Evil, and a dangerous lack of distinction when the two appear to overlap. Is Archemorus the evil villain that many believe him to be? Is Aquilus truly battling for the good of the common people? How do the views of young and old compare? As the story reaches its climax we are forced to question our own judgement through the revelations of those we thought we knew. Carrying a wise head and a young heart, only one person is able to accept what must be, indeed, what must always be.

Prequel to The Spellbound Trilogy: Sorcery & Secrets

This free to download book will shortly be available and examines the events which took place in Kalucea prior to Part 1. We learn of society in this magical world, meeting Aquilus and his nemesis in their native land. The beautiful, but doomed Octavia unwittingly overhears a conversation, the content of which she repeats to a Member of the High Council. Unfortunately, for her and for Aquilus, there are some things best kept secret, and her actions unleash the events that bring Archemorus to Earth, and Mankind at his mercy. But Kalucea has known conflict over its long and troubled past, and some of their present day myths may be based on facts that could affect the future of life on Earth.